Trailing-Leg mm.145-160 "Oleolegs" Leg (soft spring)



Trailing-Leg Oleodynamic Leg for ø 75-90 mm. wheels, mm.145-160 length (adjustable)
soft spring, front leg use
variable fork inclination, adjusting the lower arm

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85,00 € tax incl.

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The operation has the same features as in real ones, the dumping occurs through the combined action of the spring and the oil contained in the telescopic leg. Smooth strength absorption due to the long travel of the leg so preventing model bouncing in case to hard landing. The legs are made in ERGAL 7075, hence they are considerably sturdier than standard legs.

lenght 145-160 mm. (adjustable)
body ø 15 mm.
fixing pin ø 6 mm.
wheel axle ø 5 mm.
weight 100 gr.
damper stroke 18 mm. - wheel axle stroke 40 mm.